Blackjack - C#

TUF Blackjack

TUF Blackjack was the final project for my Rapid Application Development class at LSUS. Together with Jeremy Fraser and Bennett Upton, we coded this over the course of a semester, with me taking care of the planning and organization.

The game is designed as a quick hack of a Model View Controller pattern, just with the Model and the View directly contacting each other without a Controller. The Model system handles the different card, player, hand and deck systems and updates a state which is read by the View system to display information on the screen.

Calendar - C#

Calendar in C Sharp

This is a calendar/scheduler that I built as part of a class project in C#. It reads from a flat file and generates Event objects which are then displayed via EventView objects. It also keeps track of your deadlines and lets you know when the soonest events are going to happen.

IPO - Image Processing using Otsu's method - Java

Image Processing using the Otsu Method

This was originally a research project I was doing as part of my graduate assistantship, but due to circumstances I had to put work on this off in order to take over lecturing and grading for an undergraduate class. The program itself, as it currently exists, will read a series of images, convert them into different color spaces and then perform Otsu filtering to create binary images.

The current code has some incomplete functionality which attempts to only output the largest binary object, but which still has some issues.

Dominion - Java

Dominion - the card game

This is another school project that implements a card game. Dominion is a "deck-building" game where each player starts with a tiny deck and uses their hand to "buy" better cards over each round. Once again I handled the organization and design with a group of team members, and I wrote much of the code handling the Game model and the player's hands.

Open Research Project - PHP

Open Research Project

Yet another class project, this one ongoing at the time of writing. This site is built on PHP and MySQL, and will hold a database of research papers and comments that can be searched through by users.

The planned main feature of the site is a Peer Review system in which vetted individuals can request random research to review, making Peer Review open and accessible.


These are a few of the programming projects I've worked on, along with links to their respective repositories.