About Steven Turner...

Steven Turner

I'm a gamer. I watch cartoons, read science books and eat food that is bad for me. I wax philosophical about all of these things with my friends.

I've spent the majority of my adult life in the game industry, working at Beeline Interactive (formerly Capcom Mobile) as first a QA Tester, then Deployment Coordinator, then Production Assistant and finally Assistant Producer. I've worked on several games such as Zombie Cafe, Monster Pet Shop and Ghostbusters (for iOS), and was even able to help produce my own original pitch: One Million Monkeys.

Before that, I was a student at Centenary College of Louisiana, where I learned design and media skills, made websites, did radio shows and took 2 years of French that I can barely remember.

This site is collection of these experiences. For my work, just go ahead and click on the 'Resume' button up in the navigation bar. For my website and graphic design experience, go ahead and check out the other stuff.

Welcome to my portfolio.