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The Faces of Katrina was an art exhibition designed by William Joyce and presented at Artspace in Shreveport, Louisiana. The exhibit was very powerful as the layout surrounded the viewer with images of Katrina survivors and their stories. Click the image to visit the site or go to FacesofKatrina.org.

I was commissioned to place the entire exhibit online, so the stories and pictures of the exhibit could be seen anywhere. I took my time and focused on creating a layout that would capture some of the power of the original exhibit, and what I settled on was what you can see in the "exhibit" section of the site. Though the images and stories are usually on the same page, the image will stay visible even while you scroll through their story. This way, it's like they themselves are sharing their experiences with you, the viewer.

I designed the rest of the site to be very understated. The images and text speak for themselves, and the design need not get in the way. The site is a canvas for the images, both figuratively and stylistically.